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Many brides and grooms underestimate all that goes into planning a wedding. For most, it ends up feeling like another full-time job (the average wedding takes nearly 250 hours to plan!). Timelines, contracts, and details start piling up, and can quickly overwhelm even the most organized of couples. Having a passionate and knowledgeable expert on your side will elevate your wedding planning from a “job”, to a "joy". 

Now that's a proposal you want to say 'Yes!' to.

When you look back on your wedding day, the next morning, or years from now, we want you to remember this celebration as the beautiful occasion it was. Remember the laughter shared with loved ones, the smell of the flowers, the butterflies before walking down the aisle - all the while AWCT was orchestrating everything behind the scenes, so what you don't remember was a moment of worry or stress.

 We invite you, your family, and friends to relax and be rest assured that AWCT is guiding your road to the altar.

You focus on creating beautiful memories.  Let us handle the rest.
 It would be our pleasure.

A Wedding Come True offers something to fit every need and every budget. Please contact us to set up a free consultation to learn more about what we can do for you. 
Coordination packages begin at $1500
Full service planning packages begin at $6000



Your plate is already full with your career, fiancee and family/friends. Your time is valuable and you want to make the most of it.  The best decision you can make is to bring on a dedicated planner (aka - new BFF)!  You'll be prepared with the right expectations for the planning process from the very start. With step-by-step guidance, and a listening ear, we're here to get your "to-do's" done!



You have laid the ground work and tackled the big items. But now, more questions come.  "What comes next?" "Who can I trust to complete my vision?"  This is a great time to start working with your planner. Ask us all your questions, and we'll keep you on track. You'll know you have someone by your side the rest of the way!



Your planning has gone smoothly, and all the boxes are getting checked -- but you want to know you can stay cool as a cucumber as the big day is nearing. At 6 weeks out, you can pass the baton, and we will come on board, reviewing all of your plans, and learning exactly how you want the day to go. You will be the blushing bride you deserve to be, and we'll take care of the rest!

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